Outdoor Curtains

Protect and enhance your patio and deck with canvas curtains. We design different styles of curtains to make your pool, deck or patio comfortable all year. Bay Area-based American Awning can create a wonderful space for entertaining in your restaurant, business or home with outdoor shade curtains or pergola curtains.

There are two types of curtains. The traditional curtain rod type that are fixed in place or travel on roller hooks. We can span 20 feet or more with these type. They are for shielding from sun and work best under no or light wind conditions. Because the bottom is not secured, they will move significantly under windy conditions. The other is a drop curtain system that works with a horizontal roller tube at the top to raise and lower the material. It has a lower hem bar with side tracks or cables to hold it in place when it is windy. There is also a secure side system that stops any wind from coming around the sides. it also stops insects from getting into the patio area.

Call us for sunroom canopy or awning designs, outdoor pool cabana designs or custom fabric gazebo designs.

Marin Suites

Marin Suites in San Francisco, CA

Marin Suites in San Francisco, CA

This luxury, all-suite hotel in Marin wanted to transform as passage way into a new indoor/outdoor "sanctuary" on the resort grounds.

Starting with a plain corridor that connected two courtyards, we designed a fabric ceiling that draped down like a tent. Two edges were designed to line up with the existing wall recesses and the other two edges followed the arched openings.

The new patio curtains in a bold stripe pattern highlight the wide arches and coordinate with the new design. As a final touch, retractable clear vinyl drop curtains were installed to block the wind on blustery days.