Custom Canopies

A canopy is an awning supported by posts at the front and is available in every awning shape. Building owners and managers can create a dramatic entrance by extending an awning to cover stairways and walkways. We have generations of experience with restaurant canopies, hotel canopies and canopies for apartment buildings.

Here are just a few of our recent custom canopy jobs. Find more in our custom canopies gallery.

Elegant Half Round Entrance Canopy for San Francisco, CA Apartment Building

This canopy is the half round style with a dome front and brass poles. The horizontal stripes and building number are on a fixed valance. Elegant San Francisco entrance canopies shield residents and visitors from winter rain and summer sun.

Business names and logos can be highlighted in many styles ranging from simple lettering to dramatic cutouts with contrasting fabric. We can do metallic letters, raised letters and unique logos and designs. We can work with CAD design files to make a distinctive entrance canopy for your business.

A canopy can be enhanced with a scalloped loose valance below the fixed valance. We recommend a fixed valance on canopies to eliminate frame sag between the building and front posts. A fixed valance creates a truss to support the frame without sag.

The solid color and restrained white stripe create a formal look appropriate to the City. The dome shape echoes the graceful curve of the tall San Francisco entryway. Tim McGill brings generations of experience to awning and canopy design.

Restaurant Deck Canopy in San Francisco, CA

The outdoor deck at the Franciscan Crab Restaurant on the waterfront has a great view but is exposed to sun, wind and salt spray, which limited its use. By adding a canopy, enough shade was created so the deck can be used during lunch, creating an exceptional dining experience. At night, the canopy keeps guests comfortable by retaining the warmth from outdoor heaters. Adding railing curtains helps control the wind on those brilliant but gusty San Francisco days and helps keep the glassware on the table. We can transform your deck or patio to create a comfortable outdoor space for entertaining for most of the year.

Bay Area Restaurant Patio Canopy

Canopies come in many shapes and sizes. The Dead Fish Restaurant in Crockett, California needed a custom canopy frame and covers that would work for its irregular-shaped patio. This design provided more seating for restaurant customers while taking in the fabulous view overlooking the Carquinez Strait and the San Pablo Bay in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Entrance Canopy for Comedy Club in San Francisco, CA

This rounded box style canopy was a complete replacement job for Punchline Comedy Club. The frame and cover were replaced on this colorful canopy that signals the entrance to a fun evening.

Bay Area Apartment Building Entrance Canopy

This traditional box style canopy provides a protected entrance for residents of this apartment building. The closed top has a very slight slope to drain rain water. Built-in lights luminate the entrance at night and on dark days. They are built into the flat ceiling panel. Brass 3-inch sleeve poles support the front of the canopy. The poles are also available in 2-inch through 8-inch diameter.

This revamped canopy was done for the apartment entryway of Crestview Apartments in San Francisco, CA. It features a completely new frame in the original design.

Carport Canopy

A canopy is a great way to protect your car if there is no garage, which is common in San Francisco. This large carport canopy has a lean-to style, supported by the office building on one side.

Selecting Your Custom Canopy

We can design canopies in any shape and fabric for your space. Check out our custom canopy resources page or call us at (415) 826-7515 for new custom canopy designs.